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Vol 27 No 48 (2018)

Published: 2018-05-20

Effect of copper-enriched layers on localized corrosion of aluminium-copper alloys

María Ángeles Arenas-Vara, Peter Skeldon, Sandra Judith García-Vergara

Manufacture of titanium dioxide scaffolds for medical applications

Giovanni Cuervo-Osorio, Ana María Jiménez-Valencia, Cristian Mosquera-Agualimpia, Diana Marcela Escobar-Sierra

Implementation of an electromagnetic system for controlling resistance and speed in indoor cycling

Jairo A. Moreno-González, Andrea Catherine Alarcón-Aldana, Mauro Callejas-Cuervo

Morphology, mechanical strength and degradation of polyhydroxyalkanoate scaffolds

Liliana Maria Arroyave-Muñoz, Claudia Patricia Ossa-Orozco

Design of longitudinal finned tubes adjusted with the Cesàro curve

Luis Eduardo Llano-Sánchez, Luis Carlos Ruiz, Darío Manuel Domínguez-Cajeli, Martha Cecilia Melo-de-Alonso

Mathematical software tools for teaching of complex numbers

Brayan Esguerra-Prieto, Natalia González-Garzón, Alberto Acosta-López, M.Sc.
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