La competencia comunicative intercultural en Español como lengua extranjera: Análisis de un libro de texto

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Nydia Johanna Rincón Morales


This qualitative study seeks to describe how Intercultural Communicative Competence is portrayed in the SFL course book Aula América 1. Two data collection instruments were used: checklists and a questionnaire to identify the presence of ICC dimensions. The results of this research project revealed important aspects related to: the role of course books in the language classroom; the understanding of language and culture in Spanish as a Foreign Language teaching materials; and concerns regarding the need to identify, create, and adapt the linguistic content to promote intercultural encounters. Finally, the research findings constitute a contribution to the understanding of the ICC role in language materials that may benefit SFL teachers, researchers and publishing houses interested in the intercultural speaker model and the representation of cultural realities that foster ICC development.

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