Published: 2016-01-22

Characterization of DLC/Si coatings under the influence of a simulated biological fluid

William Vargas, José Luis Caballero-Gómez, Willian Arnulfo Aperador-Chaparro


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A Regulations’ Survey for the Wireless Telecommunications Deployment in Colombia

José Gustavo Morales-Guarín, Herman Antonio Fernández-González, Paola Astrid Ortega-Sánchez


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Concrete prepared with rain water as an environmental contribution from the construction

Carlos Mauricio Bedoya-Montoya, Carlos Andrés Medina-Restrepo


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Effect of colombian coal rank and its feeding technology on substitute natural gas production by entrained gasification

Juan Fernando Pérez-Bayer, Rolando Barrera-Zapata, Carlos Alberto Salazar-Jiménez


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Bootstrap and Jacknnife resampling in reliability: case exponential and Weibull

Javier Ramírez-Montoya, Ignacio Osuna-Vergara, Jessica Rojas-Mora, Stalyn Guerrero-Gómez


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Removal of lubricant added to iron powder metallurgy, with abnormal plasma discharge glow

Pedro Vicente Rodríguez-Fonseca, Armando Sarmiento-Santos, Carlos Mauricio Moreno-Téllez


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Simulation of a grid network with virtual machines to create a learning environment of high performance computing

Edwin Eduardo Millán-Rojas, Adriana Patricia Gallego-Torres, Diana Carolina Chico-Vargas


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Improvement of abrasive wear resistance of the high chromium cast iron ASTM A-532 through thermal treatment cycles

Oscar Fabián Higuera-Cobos, Florina-Diana Dumitru, Dairo Hernán Mesa-Grajales


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