Magnetorological properties in mixtures of automotive oil with metallic particles

Propiedades magnetorreológicas en mezclas de aceite automotor con partículas metálicas

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Marco Antonio Ardila Barragan, M.Sc.
Álvaro Hernando Forero-Pinilla, M.Sc.


A magnetoreological fluid (MR) is an oily liquid that exhibits a density approximately three times greater than that of water. This fluid can be changed from an oily to a quasi-solid state in fractions of a second, when it is exposed to a magnetic field density. This article presents the results of a comparative study carried out on two test mixtures, composed of two different types of automotive oil, for which the concentration levels and the type of metallic particles in suspension were varied. After executing a scientific procedure based on an experimental factorial design, significant changes in the viscosity of the fluid were observed when varying the density of the magnetic field for each mixture. This allows to conclude that, for the experienced fluids, the process of component characterization and optimization for the mixing relationships is feasible in observance of mechanical and civil applications.



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