Mechanical characterization by CVD-FBR aliminium coatings on austenitic stainless steel and the steam oxidation resistance


  • Diego Pérez-Muñoz Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira
  • José Luddey Marulanda-Arévalo Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira
  • Juan Manuel Meza-Meza Universidad Nacional de Colombia



chemical vapour deposition, aluminum coatings by FBR-CVD, corrosion, steam oxidation, hardness


The aluminum coatings deposited by Chemical Vapour Deposition Fluidisation (FBR-CVD) on the austenitic stainless steel AISI 317, show a more than 80 times corrosion rate reduction at high temperatures. The coatings mechanical characterization was conducted by means of microhardness, nano indentation, in order to konow how were affected the coating and the substrate’s mechanical properties (particularly the hardness and the Young’s modulus) after being subjected to oxidation at high temperature. Some analyses were also made by means of SEM, to observe the micro structural changes and to see how is the AFM topography and rugosity gradient variation, related to the distance traveled by the tip of the cantilever during the sweeps.


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Pérez-Muñoz, D, Marulanda-Arévalo, J L, & Meza-Meza, J M. (2015). Mechanical characterization by CVD-FBR aliminium coatings on austenitic stainless steel and the steam oxidation resistance. Revista Facultad de Ingeniería, 24(40), 9–16.




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