Study of the calcination process of two limonitic iron ores between 250 °C and 950 °C

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Lisbeth Longa-Avello
Cristina Pereyra-Zerpa
Julio Andrés Casal-Ramos
Pedro Delvasto


The dehydration process of two limonitic ores from Venezuela was studied between 250 °C and 950 °C by means of thermogravimetry, infrared spectroscopy, and x-ray diffraction. These techniques indicated for both minerals that the goethite-to-hematite transformation occurred in the range of 250-350 °C. In addition, the x-ray diffraction showed a structural re-arrangement within the orebody above 350 °C, temperature above which only the hematite structure is recognizable. Finally, infrared spectroscopy revealed that such transformation implies the loss of structural OH- functional groups, characteristic of the limonite.


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