Sensitivity analysis of the design variables of a rigid pavement and its incidence on deflection

Análisis de sensibilidad de las variables de diseño de un pavimento rígido y su incidencia en la deflexión

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Carlos Hernando Higuera-Sandoval





The sensitivity analysis of each of the variables that influence the design of a rigid pavement structure is presented, from the point of view of pavement mechanics, and the incidence of these on the deflection of the structural model. The variables analyzed were the following: the applied load, the thickness of the slab, the load radius, the modulus of elasticity of the concrete, the Poisson's ratio of the concrete and the reaction module of the support or foundation assembly of the slab. Through the sensitivity analysis it is possible to define the most sensitive variables or those that affect to a greater or lesser degree the deflection of the structure, and thus be able to have tools that allow pavement design engineers to be certain of the variables that must be modified to ensure that the structural model meets deflection requirements at the edge, corner, and interior of the concrete slab.



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