Published: 2018-08-07

Pozzolanic benefit of fly ash and steel slag blends in the development of uniaxial compressive strength of lime stabilized soil

Jijo James, Ph. D., Ebenezer Paul Billy Graham David, Mahalakshmi Nagarathinam, Mohan Kumar Thaniyarasu, Jayapal Madhu


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Structural analysis of the JBW (Na-J, barrer and white) zeotype obtained from kaolinite-rich clay

Mario Alberto Macías-López, Ph. D., Carlos Alberto Ríos-Reyes, Ph. D., Oscar Mauricio Castellanos-Alarcón, Ph. D. (c)


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Analysis of the implementation of telematic tools for data management of passenger traffic dynamics in the Bus Rapid Transit system

Veniamin Nikolayevich Bogumil, Ph. D., Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Kudryavcev, Ph. D., María José Duque-Sarango, Ph. D.


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Quality of the bicycle transportation service in small and intermediate cities in Colombia

Eduardo Alfonso Pacheco-García, M.Sc., Alba Yajaira Sánchez-Delgado, M.Sc.


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Stress-strain and penetration characteristics of clay modified with crumb rubber

Sivapriya Vijayasimhan, Ph. D.


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