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Conflicting of Interests Policy

The authors of a manuscript, the Enletawa  editors who receive it, and the journal’s reviewers (internal and external) must disclose any conflict of interest that could influence the manuscript or its review and approval. In the event that the authors declare a conflict of interest, this must be reported to the manuscript reviewers. In turn, the reviewers must refuse to do so if they have a conflict of interest with the authors or with the topic.

The journal ensures that the most suitable reviewers will be chosen, in terms of thematic and academic compatibility as well.

In case of dispute, Enletawa undertakes to settle these cases through its Editorial Board, and reasonable measures will be taken to identify and prevent the publication of articles wherein cases of research misconduct have occurred. In no event shall neither the journal encourage such misconduct nor knowingly permit such misconduct to occur.

In case that the journal editors become aware of any allegations of research misconduct, the Editorial Board will address the allegations, retracting or correcting articles as necessary, publishing corrections, clarifications, retractions, and apologies, if applicable.

Ultimately, to resolve disputes, it will follow the guidelines of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), when applicable.