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Intellectual Property Policy

Intellectual property

For the Eneletawa Journal, the submission of an article indicates that the author certifies and agrees:

  • The article has not been published or accepted for publication elsewhere.
  • That, in case you have a previous version published as a working paper (or ‘gray literature’) or on a website, or being accepted for publication will be removed from the website, where will only appear the title, abstract, keywords and a hyperlink to the journal.
  • That once published in Enletawa Journal will not be published in another journal.


This journal is licensed by a Creative Commons AttributionLicense (CC) Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 4.0 International licenses, the principle is creative freedom. This system complements the copyright without opposing it, conscious of its importance in our culture. The content of the articles is the responsibility of each author and does not compromise, in any way, the journal or the university. It allows the transmission and reproduction of titles, abstracts, and full content, with academic, scientific, and cultural ends, providing acknowledgment of the Enletawa as the source. This work cannot be used for commercial purposes.

The Editor and Authors are responsible for the content of published articles.

For authors: After an article is published, authors can deposit versions of their work in an institutional or other repository of their choice.