Published: 2017-01-25

Fault and load flows analysis of electricity transmission and distribution system in Casanare (Colombia)

Juan Carlos Castro-Galeano, Wilson Javier Cabra-Sarmiento, Jhony Fernando Ortiz-Portilla


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Use of thermal water as a natural coagulant for domestic wastewater sustainable treatment

Javier Andrés Quintero-Jaramillo, Walter Murillo-Arango, Ivonne Ximena Cerón-Salazar


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Detection of lies by facial thermal imagery analysis

Sebastián Bedoya-Echeverry, Hernán Belalcázar-Ramírez, Humberto Loaiza-Correa, Sandra Esperanza Nope-Rodríguez, Carlos Rafael Pinedo-Jaramillo, Andrés David Restrepo-Girón


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Characterization of copper smelter slag and recovery of residual metals from these residues

Luver Echeverry-Vargas, Néstor Ricardo Rojas-Reyes, Edgar Estupiñán


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Warehousing and transportation logistics of mango in Colombia: A system dynamics model

Javier Arturo Orjuela-Castro, Milton Mauricio Herrera-Ramírez, Wilson Adarme-Jaimes


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Traffic model for the interconnection of networks and operators using MPLS-TE

Carlos Mario Restrepo, Octavio José Salcedo-Parra, Juan Manuel Sánchez-Céspedes


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Computational simulation of concentration by osmotic evaporation of passion fruit juice (Passiflora edullis)

Freddy Forero-Longas, Adriana Patricia Pulido-Díaz, Kelly Johana Pedroza-Berrio


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A memetic algorithm for minimizing the makespan in the Job Shop Scheduling problem

Henry Lamos-Díaz, Karin Aguilar-Imitola, Yuleiny Tatiana Pérez-Díaz, Silvia Galván-Núñez


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Spin Coating technique for obtaining nanometric thin films in the system La0.7Sr0.3MnO3

Jenny Alejandra Mera-Córdoba, María Angélica Mera-Córdoba, Carlos Arturo Córdoba-Barahona


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Synthetic fuel production from shredded scrap waste

Iván Ernesto Barragán-Gutiérrez, Alfonso López-Díaz, Wolfgang Krumm


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A software pilot application to calculate the parameters involved in subsidiaries interconnection based on FSO technology

Jorge Enrique Salamanca, Danilo Alfonso López-Sarmiento, Adriana Patricia Gallego-Torres


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Best practices of interoperability among heterogeneous software systems: a Semat-based representation

Diana María Torres-Ricaurte, Carlos Mario Zapata-Jaramillo


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Assessing the behavior of machine learning methods to predict the activity of antimicrobial peptides

Francy Liliana Camacho, Rodrigo Torres-Sáez, Raúl Ramos-Pollán


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