Students’ Narratives Telling us about The Role of the First Home Literacy Practices Rapprochements in the Learning of English as a Foreign Language

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Yadira Rocío Colmenares Pérez


The role of the first foreign language learning rapprochements in a home environment setting is investigated in the present qualitative
descriptive – interpretative small scale study. Experiences and feelings about those first literacy practices rapprochement in the learning of English as a foreign language were examined in a group of students at the Santo Domingo convent through narratives. Analysis of these students’ narratives demonstrated significantfacts in relation to the role of their first home literacy practices as well as the role of their parents, siblings, teachers, encyclopedias, games, etc. The learners’ musical factor was found as a crucial aspect in the desire to learn English due to the attraction and pleasure they felt because they wanted to understand the English’s lyrics songs. This positive, as well as some negative
results are also explained.

Key words: role, language learning, first rapprochement, home environment, literacy practices, narratives.


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