Exploring First Graders Language Awareness

Exploring First Graders Language Awareness

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Liliana María Fagua Fagua
Angélica Parra Rodríguez


This article reports a study, carried out at a private school in Tunja, with ten first grade
students. The aim was to explore and analyze the characteristics of first graders language awareness. In order to achieve this objective, a case study was developed. Thus, a description was made of the way students experience the process of learning English and identifying the features of their language awareness process. Observations and interviews were used for data collection. The main findings suggest first graders features of language awareness are: mother
tongue as well as foreign language, peer correction and motivation to contribute to language awareness. 

Key words: young learners, language awareness, English language learning process,


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Liliana María Fagua Fagua, Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia

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Oficina Educación Virtual

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