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EFL Students’ Perceptions about their English Language Learning and its Uses for Specific Purposes at International Languages Institute at Uptc Duitama Branch



This article reports a small scale study that revealed the perceptions students have in
Technology and Industrial Administration major programs. The main objective of this
study was to reveal the perceptions of these students about their English learning and its
use for specific purposes. This study was carried out with students who are taking
English as a foreign language at the Languages Institute at Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia, Duitama branch. The paper also presents the analysis of insights in the process of  students when connecting their knowledge of English with activities and materials in Telematics and Circuits subject class. 

Key words: perceptions, Language Learning, Specific Purposes.

PDF (Español)

Author Biography

Paola Yesenia Puerto Zabala

Administrativo Profesional

Oficina Educación Virtual


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