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Vol 17 No 1 (2020): January-April 2020

Published: 2020-02-09

Sero-prevalence of brucellosis (Brucella abortus) in bovines from Caquetá state, Colombia
Seroprevalencia de brucelosis (Brucella abortus) en bovinos del departamento del Caquetá, Colombia

Pablo Andrés Motta-Delgado, M.Sc., Ricardo Alberto Martínez-Tovar, M.Sc., Marliyanini Londoño-Giraldo, Erika Paola Rojas-Vargas, Wilmer Herrera-Valencia, M.Sc.


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Signature of the maturity states of tropical climacteric fruits
Firma o signatura de los estados de madurez de las frutas climatéricas tropicales

Ricardo Joaquín De-Armas-Costa, M.Sc., Pedro Fernando Martín-Gómez, Ph. D., Jorge Eliecer Rangel-Díaz, Ph. D.


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