Sistema Integrado de Diagnóstico y Recomendación, su aplicación y utilidad en la agricultura. Una Revisión

Sistema Integrado de Diagnóstico y Recomendación, su aplicación y utilidad en la agricultura. Una Revisión

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Jorge Enrique Villamil Carvajal
Edwin Orlando Pineda Álvarez


Nutrient balance determines crop yield and quality. The Diagnosis and Recommendation Integrated System-DRIS uses a holistic analysis based on interrelation between nutrients, compares crop mineral element proportions with optimal values known as DRIS norms and identifies imbalances, deficiencies, and/or excesses in plant nutrients, ranking them in order of importance. There are scientific reviews geared towards the development of methodological proposals to obtain DRIS norms in various crops and the calculation of their respective indices, but they do not elucidate the real functionalities of this diagnosis system. Therefore, the objective of this review was to present the applications and uses of DRIS developed during the last 10 years in agriculture worldwide. Scientific studies have shown that the nutritional status of crops can be understood with the nutrient balance in leaf tissue and soil, the dynamics of mineral elements according to the phenological stage, the Critical Levels and Sufficiency Ranges, the soil-plant relationship, the nutritional balance provided by fertilizers and green manure, the spatial variability and DRIS, the heavy metal translocation, the nutrition and incidence of phytosanitary problems, the phytotoxicity in plants irrigated with wastewater from agricultural irrigation, the Sufficiency Ranges in leaf tissue under saline conditions, the sap analysis, and the DRIS norms in seeds. DRIS is a tool for nutritional diagnosis that is capable of validation in agricultural systems worldwide.




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