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Read with Me: Celebrating our Local Literacies


The following literary works were presented at the "Read with me: Celebrating our Local Litercies" event
held by Enletawa Journal on August 27, 2021. When discussing literacy, Freire gave us a look at the depth of
the concept when he said, "If we think of education as an act of knowing, then reading has to do with
knowing. The act of reading cannot be explained as merely reading words since every act of reading words
implies a previous reading of the world and a subsequent rereading of the world" (1986, p. 18). Therefore,
literacy is much more than the act of reading and writing words. It is the act of conciously reading the
World. If litercy involves reading the World, then it also includes understanding our history and culture, and
if possible, contributing to its negotiation and transformation. As Nieto-Gómez and Clavijo-Olarte (2020)
mentioned, "Teachers and students can become researchers that use language to question and produce texts
informed by their own reality" (p. 31). Hence, literacy gives us the power to become creators of our own



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