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It is a pleasure for our editorial committee to share with you this new edition of ENLETAWA
JOURNAL. This issue highlights the fact that writing is a crucial form of human expression.
Thus, this number presents research reports about various themes that range from interculturality
to students' voices to language teaching in indigenous communities. It also explores writing from
the self-based on authors' lived experiences. The first part of the journal accounts for research
reports as reliable sources about conducted research. The second part includes reflective essays
from the students in the 16th M.A. in Language Teaching cohort on topics related to linguistics
and their contexts. The third part of this issue invites readers to enjoy a portrait of the self as a
means of expressing and reflecting about life in a personal way. The works in this volume reflect
an opportunity to write with more creativity, insight, and enjoyment. This volume attempts to
empower writers “to be better scholars, to live more fully in the world” (Hooks, 1994, p. 6)
through the interrogation of homogenized ways of writing.


academic writing, research, language teaching, creative writing, art



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