Incorporating Critical Pedagogy in the EFL Classroom

Incorporating Critical Pedagogy in the EFL Classroom

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Fredy Alonso Dueñas Macías


This literature review aims at dealing with some issues to be considered at the moment
of thinking about the incorporation of critical pedagogy in the EFL classroom. In such
way, it explores different points of view given by several authors who have been working
deeply on this topic. Thus, it compiles and discusses the most relevant issues in relation to the definition of critical pedagogy, education as reproduction, English language and critical pedagogy, critical pedagogy into practice, the role of the teacher, and the incorporation of critical pedagogy in the classroom. Finally, critical pedagogy is tackled in this document taking into account that it is necessary to look for teaching  approaches which go against the conventional language classrooms and the traditional teaching and learning processes that do not have a transformational effect on learners.

Key words: critical pedagogy, education as reproduction, role of the teacher, English
foreign language classroom.


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Fredy Alonso Dueñas Macías, Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia

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Oficina Educación Virtual

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