Publicado: 2013-05-31


J. Aleida Ariza

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Literary Show: A Space to Share Students’ Compositions

Carmen Julia Buitrago Escobar

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Hidden Factors Behind Memory Strategies

Leidy Tatiana Báez, Leidy Marcela Chacón

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Reinforcing students’ Interests and Reading Comprehension skills by Means of the Predicting Strategy

Lucimaver González, Yolima Patricia Aponte, Laura Sofía Cuervo

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Awakening Students’ Perceptions Through the Use of Three Cognitive Strategies for Reading

Carolina Carvajal, Diana Carolina Vera, Diana Mayerly Díaz, Luz Angélica Murcia

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A Version of a Story

Jahir Aguirre, Bertha Ramos Holguín

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Thesis Papers in Progress


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