The role of administrative theory in the direction process: a case of local companies

El papel de la teoría administrativa en el proceso de dirección: caso de empresas locales

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Leidy González García


The article proposes to interpret the administrative practices of local companies froma critical approach to the usual research. Try to get away fromthe positions and instrumental techniques for a reading of the enterprise as a complex space and / or multidimensional. Beyond raise antagonism between the administration as a science or art, it is to observe the reality of a group of local businesses and from there to show that they pass on the stage quickly and fluctuating fact that the more complex and therefore not part of a specific theory, or reduces them to mere instruments of economic society. Men and women who make the company are complex beings. Not operate as a machine parts that mesh. Rather, in the daily passing of the companies are seen many conflicts and contingencies that allowsubjective interviewand items not covered in the manuals of functions orwork rules and less on administrative literature.



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