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Discourse, Research and Education


Issue 42, volume 26 of the journal, Historia de la Educación Latinoamericana de la Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia: Discurso, Investigación y Educación brings together some “ works by a group of researchers of the Latin American Association of Discourse Studies (ALED), whose topics are representative of educational trends in discourse studies, who were convened by the Faculty of Sciences and Education of the Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas in Bogotá, Colombia in October 2023; as well as other texts on education are also included. In addition, this edition pays tribute from the ALED Community to one of Chile's most prominent discourse analysts, Professor Lésmer Montecino Soto, who passed away in 2017.

Volume 26 of the journal thus becomes an important reference for those interested in initiating, strengthening or updating the conceptual foundations and implementation of methodologies for discourse studies from interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary or Transdisciplinary Operational Models perspectives, which, in theoretical-methodological terms, are necessary to clearly establish the theoretical axes and analytical routes to be used.

The organization of the content obeyed, in the first place, to the presentation of transdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches offered by the discourse studies of Haidar, Shiro, Flores, Bolívar and Narvaja, who have proposed and implemented them from their research experiences as teachers training talent, research, expository, argumentative and, of course, propositional skills. These discourse analysts are outstanding professionals in various areas and levels of training in the fields of research and education. In addition, their research contributions constitute original and innovative approaches and proposals that cover theoretical and methodological aspects in the vast field of discourse analysis.

Secondly, in the organization of the content, a hierarchy was considered that goes from the macro to the micro of discourse analytical approaches, that is, from the broadest models with greater degrees of abstraction to models based on more specific objects of research, as proposed by Vargas and Castro; Salgado. Thirdly, we considered the location of articles on education that do not include discourse analysis in the title Pulido and Espinel; Acevedo and Villamizar; Cárdenas, and finally, a case study: the particular educational experience of the teacher Mondragón. There are ten articles by researchers from different Latin American regions: Argentina, Mexico, Honduras, Venezuela and Colombia.

Author Biography

María Eugenia Flores Treviño

Doctora en Humanidades y Artes (UAZ). Investiga: pragmática, análisis del discurso (político y de género); competencia comunicativa del español. Profesora investigadora Titular B, FFyL, UANL, México. Pertenece al Sistema Nacional de Investigadores e Investigadoras del CONAHCYT nivel II. Presidenta de la Asociación Latinoamericana de Estudios del Discurso (2023-2025).

Sol Mercedes Castro Barbosa

Doctora en Educación. Docente Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas y Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Línea de Investigación: Lenguaje e Historia de la Educación,


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