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English Language Teacher Education and Subject Constitution: A State of the Art


This literature review aims to present an analysis of the most recent developments in the study of English Language Teachers Educators’ (ELTEs) identity. In the first section, I present a profiling work aimed to identify main areas of research in Language Teacher Education, where identity emerges as an important concern for different scholars (Barkhuizen, 2017; Da Costa & Norton, 2017; Golombek & Klager, 2015; Norton, 2013). The analysis indicates that NEST/NNEST dichotomy, pre-service teachers, identity work, and critical theory appear as main trends in ELTE’s identity. Nevertheless, this literature review also attempts to make visible an area of research work that has not been widely explored in an explicit way namely the subject constitution of ELTEs.


education, English Language Teacher, identity, subject constitution


Author Biography

Alejandro Mauricio Davila Rubio

Alejandro Davila is studying in the Interinstitutional Ph.D. in Education Program at Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas in the ELT Education emphasis. He is a professor at the Master of Arts in Education at Universidad Libre and a professor at Universidad Distrital. He has been a teacher educator for more than seven years at different English language teaching programs. Also, he has taken part in different teacher training programs with Secretaria de Educacion de Bogotá. He has been interested in the areas of language teacher educator’s subject constitution and identity, curriculum development, and teacher education.


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