Teaching English After Covid-19: The Impact ofInterdisciplinary Learning


  • Martha Patricia Gonzalez Chirivi Universidad El Bosque




Learning during Covid 19, Interdisciplinarity, technology


Learning a second language is often a challenge as it requires a change of logic in the waysentences are built or expressions are transmitted. Thus, it is common to start with the introduction ofgrammar rules and present new vocabulary to link it with the first or native language of the learner.This can be successful, but it can also be difficult since people usually compare their languagecomposition with the configuration of the one they are learning. As a result, they may feel frustrated,afraid of communicating their ideas in the new language, and insecure about their pronunciation ortheir abilities in general. Therefore, as a foreign language teacher, it is important to create a stable andsupportive learning environment so that students feel confident about their process.


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Author Biography

Martha Patricia Gonzalez Chirivi, Universidad El Bosque

Martha Patricia Gonzalez Chirivi was born in Bogotá. Currently, she is studying in the Bilingual Education with an emphasis in the English Language undergraduate program. She is finishing her graduation project, and she hopes to graduate this year. Additionally, she studied a technician career from the Secretary of Bilingualism at the Instituto Meyer de Bogotá. Martha considers herself to be a responsible, loyal, and persistent person. Her goals are to graduate, become a teacher, and one day become a director of her own school. She hopes to give all of her personality and educational experiences to educate and help students become prepared for anything they will face in their professional lives.



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