Taking Stock of Research about Initial English Language Teacher Education in Colombia





English as a foreign language, initial English language teacher education, pre-service English language teachers


This article presents a literature review based on research related to pre-service English language teachers (PELT) in Colombia that have been published in specialized Colombian journals during 2010-2020. The result was a corpus of 41 articles, of which I analyzed who wrote them, the research design used in each one, and the main topics covered in the research or pedagogical experiences. The results show a growing interest in research on PELTs from different epistemologies and research areas. Furthermore, researchers are increasingly conducting their research from narrative research under a critical or decolonial position. Finally, although many of the central themes revolve around teachers’ linguistic competencies and abilities in training, other issues have increased in recent years, such as teacher identity from different angles, critical pedagogies, and reflection of teaching processes.


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Author Biography

Jairo Enrique Castañeda Trujillo, Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas

Jairo Enrique Castañeda-Trujillo is currently enrolled in the Interinstitutional Doctorate program in Education with an emphasis in ELT at the Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas. He holds a M.Ed. with an Emphasis on English Didactics from Universidad Externado de Colombia and a B.A. degree in Spanish and English from Universidad Pedagógica Nacional de Colombia. He is currently an assistant professor and researcher at the Universidad Surcolombiana (Neiva, Colombia) in the undergraduate programs in foreign languages and in the master’s program in English Language Teaching. He belongs to the research groups ILESEARCH, from the Universidad Surcolombiana, and ESTUPOLI, from the Universidad Distrital, and nowadays he is the president of ASOCOPI (Colombian Association of English Teachers).




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Castañeda Trujillo, J. E. (2022). Taking Stock of Research about Initial English Language Teacher Education in Colombia. Enletawa Journal, 14(2), 51–80. https://doi.org/10.19053/2011835X.14105



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