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Pedagogical Model of the Faculty of Educational Sciences - UPTC


In the Faculty of Education, since its beginnings, the educational approach has been centered on humanism, especially Catholic[1], but there has been a change since the late twentieth century and early twenty-first century in the construction of a critical humanism[2], based on strategies of various schools and pedagogical models.  For the XXI century, our approach in the conception of education[3] we conceive it as a formative, humanistic-critical-dialogical-inclusive process, built from the historical singularity of the political culture, with social responsibility, based on the principle of the integrality of the human being[4], which is developed, in our case, in the educational institution of the UPTC.


Pedagogical Model

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Author Biography

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Diana Elvira Soto Arango
Oscar Pulido Cortés
Mauricio Delgadillo
Myriam Cecilia Leguizamón


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