Translation and Philology: Abel et Caïn by Baudelaire in Italian and Spanish


  • Giorgia Marangon Universidad de Córdoba



filología, traducción, poesía, francés, italiano, español, Baudelaire, lenguas afines.


In the company of Baudelaire we venture into the dualistic culture that
permeates Les Fleurs du Mal. We focus on one of the most representative poems
of dualism, the CXIX Abel et Caïn, in order to offer a double translation proposal in
French-Italian and French-Spanish combinations. The application of a qualitativecontrastive methodology will allow us to carry out an analysis of poetry to show
similarities and divergences between these languages.
Subsequently, a detailed philological-translatological analysis of the
aforementioned poetry will lead to a double translation, into Italian and Spanish
respectively, a contribution with which we intend to make known to the target audience
some translations that have been purged of errors and loaded with the immediacy
characteristic of the original.
Finally, we hope that the result of this research will enable the future reader to
enjoy Charles Baudelaire’s work through a new approach.


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Author Biography

Giorgia Marangon, Universidad de Córdoba

Profesora titular universidad de espa´ña.


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